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If you’re a woman over 50, you may be even more interested in losing weight than you were at 30.

At this age, many women experience a slowing metabolism at a rate of about 50 calories per day.

Slowing metabolism coupled with less exercise, muscular degeneration and the potential for increased cravings can make it extremely difficult to control weight gain.

keto for women over 50

keto for women over 50There are many diet options available to help lose weight, but the keto diet has been among the most popular lately.

We’ve received a lot of questions around the effectiveness of keto and how to abide by the diet in a healthy way.

Below, we have science-backed advice that can provide you the answers you’re looking for if you want to lose weight on keto for women over 50.

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What is Keto?

Keto is a diet that requires cutting carbs and increasing fats with the goal of helping the body burn its own fat stores more efficiently.

Studies have shown that ketogenic diets are beneficial for overall health and losing weight.

Notably, ketogenic diets have helped certain people shed unwanted body fat without intense cravings that are typical of other diets.

It’s also been found that some people with type 2 diabetes can use keto as a way to control their symptoms.

How Ketogenic Diets Work

Ketones are at the center of the ketogenic diet.

Lose Weight On Keto for Women Over 50

Lose Weight On Keto for Women Over 50Your body produces ketones, a fuel molecule, as an alternative energy source when the body is running low on blood sugar.

Producing ketones occurs when you reduce carb intake and consume just the right amount of protein.

When you’re eating keto friendly foods, your liver can transfer body fat into ketones, which then get used as an energy source by your body.

When the body is using fat for an energy source, you’re in ketosis.

This allows the body to increase its fat burning dramatically in some cases, which assists in reducing pockets of unwanted fat.

Not only does this method of fat burning help you lose weight, but it can also ward off cravings and prevent energy crashes throughout the day.

What Foods are Keto-Approved?


Lose Weight On Keto for Women Over 50

Lose Weight On Keto for Women Over 50hile it’s simple to say that the keto diet is high on fat and low on carbs, it always seems a bit more complicated when you’re in the grocery aisle.

Here is a list of foods on keto for women over 50.

What Foods to Eat on Keto

  • Meat: look for unprocessed meats because they have fewer (or no) added carbs
  • Fish and seafood: avoid breaded fish for the added carbs
  • Eggs: prepared however you like best
  • Vegetables: those that grow above the ground
  • Dairy: opt for high-fat dairy; low-fat options often have added sugar
  • Nuts: good source of fat, but be careful not to overeat
  • Berries: in moderation

What Foods NOT to Eat on Keto

  • Sugar: the main thing to cut
  • Fruit: a little fruit is okay, but too much adds sugar to your diet
  • Beer/Alcohol: too many carbs and sugars
  • Starches: white bread, potatoes, rice, pasta

Keto-fying Your Favorite Foods

Depending on what you enjoy eating some of your favorite foods may be on the no-no list above.

keto friendly plate

keto friendly plateEmbracing the restrictions of a new diet is always challenging.

Food and recipes can become so personal to us and to our families that it’s hard to break away from them.

Luckily, there are easy ways to make alternatives to your favorite foods so that they fit within keto, or at least stay within a close window. 

That means you can still have your sandwiches, pasta dishes galore! As a general rule, choose carbs that with a low glycemic index for the most benefit.

  • Bread: 20x fewer carbs than regular bread
  • Pasta: 2-ingredient recipe
  • Rice: 3-ingredient recipe
  • Oatmeal: low-carb breakfast option

Is a Keto Diet Good for Women Over 50?

Whether or not Keto is right for you depends on on a number of factors.

keto for women over 50

keto for women over 50Presuming you don’t suffer from health issues, a ketogenic diet can provide many benefits, especially for weight loss.

The most important thing to remember is to eat a great balance of vegetables, lean meat, and unprocessed carbs.

Simply sticking to whole foods is likely the most efficient means of eating healthily, primarily because it’s a sustainable tactic.

It’s important to note that a lot of research indicates ketogenic diets are difficult to stick with. For this reason, the best advice is to find a healthy way of eating that works for you.

It’s ok to to try new things, just don’t jump in head first.

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*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice – simply very well-researched info on keto for women over 50.

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